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a million faces

charlie ak x kockum art

A Million faces is a collection carefully designed and based on the artwork created by Sofia Kockum. The artwork is illustrating four female faces in symbiosis with each other creating a chain-like pattern. 

the coral skirt

The Coral Skirt
200705 18.35.34.JPG
200705 18.35.36.JPG
200705 18.11.32.JPG

This long skirt with leather details is perfect for the summer. With a big leather bow and belt, this skirt will accentuate your waist and make you feel bold and feminine.

200705 18.08.36.JPG
200705 18.26.04.JPG
200705 18.20.45.JPG

the kockum skirt

The Kockum Skirt

This one-of-a-kind skirt is a wonderful addition to your spring and summer closet! The loose-fit skirt has a green background with white details illustrating the faces of the Kockum pattern. The slit and big white bow are details that will accentuate the leg and make the whole ensemble even more feminine and vivid.

the kockum jacket

The Kockum Jacket
200704 19.17.17.jpg

The Kockum Jacket is made from recycled PVC rain-resistant material, so the jacket is perfect for all weather. The Kockum Jacket is available in four different color combinations: blue and red, black and green, black background with white faces, and white background with black faces.

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