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a denim dilemma

the environmental impact of jeans

 Denim; originating from the rugged landscapes of the American West over 150 years ago, jeans have woven their way into the heart of popular culture. Yet, beneath the seams of this iconic garment lies a less celebrated story—one of significant environmental strain.

A Thirsty Crop and a Heavy Footprint

According to the UN's Environment Programme, it takes over 3,780 liters of water to make just one pair of jeans—enough to fill a small swimming pool! This immense water consumption begins in the cotton fields, notorious for their thirst, and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process. But the environmental costs don't stop at water usage. Denim production is also a major emitter of carbon dioxide and relies heavily on harmful chemicals, from the pesticides drenching the cotton fields to the dyes and finishers that give jeans their iconic look. As a result, large amounts of polluted wastewater are released, worsening the environmental crisis.

Image by Filip Filkovic Philatz
The Just Jaded Jeans Collection

In response to the significant environmental impact of denim production, we have made the commitment to never use newly produced denim material in our collection. That's why we launched the Just Jaded Jeans project, aiming to repurpose old jeans and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. Our mission is to prove that it's possible to create a jeans collection entirely from recycled materials that are as stylish and appealing as any new garment. We realized that many people have a surplus of old, worn-out jeans tucked away in their closets, and that a shortage of jeans materials would never be an issue.

200705 09.26.53.JPG

Introducing a fresh design: Presenting our latest addition to the Just Jaded Jeans collection. In partnership with styling expert AgingInStyle, we've crafted a unique jeans bag using recycled denim, extending the lifespan of this durable fabric. Our jeans bag boasts a sleek, timeless design that reflects the enduring charm of denim. Available in two sizes, it offers a convenient option for everyday essentials or larger items like beach gear or a standard laptop for work.

donate your jeans

We are always in need of more jeans. If you own a pair you’re ready to part with, we would love to give them a new life: write a chat to us or send us an e-mail to

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