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Charlie AK believes that every piece is valuable and deserves to get its righteous attention. Therefore Charlie AK constantly plans new projects and events, highlighting our pieces and values, for you to take part in. Browse below our ongoing and previous fashion shows and projects.

upcoming events

  • After-Work with MH+FaceOil
    After-Work with MH+FaceOil
    Thu, 12 Oct
    12 Oct, 17:30 – 21:00
    Bromma, Bardabacken 19, 167 71 Bromma, Sverige
    12 Oct, 17:30 – 21:00
    Bromma, Bardabacken 19, 167 71 Bromma, Sverige
    We are absolutely delighted to invite you to our upcoming After-Work event, highlighting the luxury of natural materials. During this event, you'll have the unique opportunity to explore MH+FaceOil's award-winning products, all while browsing the latest additions to the Charlie AK collection.




Reborn fashion show

For almost three years we have been longing to share our designs with you.

The Reborn fashion show was created to show our latest collection based on natural materials. It was performed at Epicenter in Stockholm. 

191218 21.03.42.jpg

a sense of time 

Charlie AK creates a fashion show at one of Stockholm’s most well-attended clubs. With their velvet, gold-framed mirrors, decadent atmosphere, relive our event at Rose Nightclub, a night filled with life and passion.


champagne day

Charlie AK celebrated the international Champagne day at Mornington Hotel City. We toasted with out very own festive collection.


the dreamworld

Together Charlie AK and Zzz Dreamscape Hotel created a world of dreams, a fashion show that took you through a dreamscape far from the ordinary.  




pop-up store

In spring 2023, Charlie AK opened a pop-up Store at Stureplan 19 in Stockholm. the pop-up offered many new collaborations in terms of interior design in the store and during our evening events. Discover it all.

200704 19.12.17.jpg

a million faces

We have been collaborating with artist Sofia Kockum for our collection called A Million Faces. Kockum has drawn the lovely pattern representing four women together creating a powerful chain-like pattern.


the nobel banquet

On the 10th of December 2019, the annual Nobel banquet took place. This year we were honored to have two of our very own designs in place during the banquet. They were worn by one of the standard-bearers and one of the Marshals during the evening.


pop-up store

In connection with the release of our collection in spring 2022, we celebrated by opening our very own pop-up store at Regeringsgatan 61!
Discover it!


just jaded jeans

Charlie AK is making clothes from old outworn jeans. Make sure to get your unique jacket!  Contribute to the jacket and get 30% off! 

JCS05051 (2).jpg

my mistakes

 "My Mistakes" reflects on our massive overconsumption of plastic materials in clothing. What we wear is nothing more than the same materials used in the credit cards spent on it. My Mistakes is designed entirely of plastic cards to illustrate our present behavior. 

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