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material information 

the jeans Jacket

handmade in sweden

The Jeans Jacket is the spring essential and belongs to our project and collection Just Jaded Jeans. We believe that jeans jackets never go out of fashion therefore we decided to make our own, made of 100% recycled jeans for a more sustainable and responsible industry.


The Jeans Jacket is shaped as a bomber jacket and has a puzzling pattern where different shapes and colors are put together. It is very comfortable and durable and just makes you feel simply great.    


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shapes and colors

The Jeans Jacket comes in many different colors and combinations. It has the shape of a bomber jacket and is slightly lower than waist length. Every jacket is unique, but you can choose between the guidelines: black, dark blue, and light blue. 


Main fabric: 100% recycled outworn jeans.

Production country


Origin of material

The jeans come from various donators in Sweden. 

more about our jean designs

Jeans are made of cotton. It takes a lot of water to produce cotton and unfortunately in most processes it is treated with environmentally unfriendly chemicals. Therefore we find it crucial to take advantage of the material that has already been produced and reuse it into something that can last for many years to come.

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