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material information 

the block dress


The Block Dress has a light feel and is incredibly comfortable to wear. The fabric's fineness makes it very gentle against the skin, and due to its thin thickness, it is the perfect dress all year around.  


shapes and colors

The block dress is two-pieced with a dark grey shirt and a grey or green skirt.



Main fabric: 95% Wool 5% Cashmere

Linen: 100% Viscose


Grey: 100% cool wool.

Green: 100% merino wool.

Production country


Origin of material

The cool wool is produced in Europe.

more about cold wool

Cool Wool is a name used to describe lightweight wool. It is generally made from Merino wool as it has thermal-management properties and is naturally breathable. Cool Wool was manufactured so that wool could be used for garments all year round and still be elegant and functional.

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