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the twitchy top

handmade in sweden

The Twitchy Top is the Reborn Collections design with attitude. It is simply designed with an unavoidable powerful sharpness.


The Twitchy top is a minimalistic top that has a maximalistic effect on its surrounding. Its comfortable design and fabric makes it easy to move in.  


shapes and colors


The Twitchy Top only comes in black.

Main fabric: 64% Viscose 36% Wool

Linen: 100% Viscose

Production country


Origin of material

The material has its origin in Europe.

more about wool

Wool is a renewable fiber that comes from sheep or lambs. Some good qualities about wool are:

  • Highly breathable in contrast to synthetic fibers.

  • It is highly odor resistant and most oftenly it is enough to air rather than wash.

  • Naturally high durability.

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