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the birth of Charlie Ak

Powerful. Playful. Provocative. That is Charlie AK.
And that is where it all started. With Charlie, a.k.a. Charlotte.  

Recently we've been getting a lot of questions about why we started Charlie AK and where the idea came from, and honestly, the answer wasn't completely clear to me until I started reflecting on my early years. I've never been someone obsessed with fashion; rather, I have always liked design and the beauty in things. Therefore, it is not so obvious to specify where and why we started Charlie AK. To truly understand its origins, we need to rewind about 20 years back in time.

During my first three years in kindergarten, I was remarkably shy, only uttering a mere two words throughout that time span. This period remains etched in my memory, despite my very young age. Because of my shyness, I spent a lot of time watching and learning from how other kids and adults acted.  It was a profound experience, shaping my understanding of interactions and social dynamics. As I grew older, I made a conscious effort to break free from my shyness and began speaking up. However, the transition wasn't as smooth as I had hoped; I struggled to find my voice in a way that truly resonated with my desires.


the struggle

Growing up with a strong will, I often found myself misunderstood. Expressing myself the way I wanted was a challenge, and it often left me feeling like I was coming across as angry to others—a perception I detested. Even to this day, these feelings can resurface in certain situations, provoking anxiety within me.


Like many children my age, all I really desired was acceptance and being liked. I always held strong opinions, which were encouraged at home. However, these strong opinions felt unpopular among others, or at least that's how it felt to me. It was frustrating because there wasn’t really anything wrong with them. Because of this, I found it easier to hold my thoughts to myself rather than expose myself to vulnerability.

Regrettably, this scenario is all too common for many women in today's society: the struggle to strike a balance between being seen as too outspoken or too reserved.

an alternative way

200116 16.05.49.jpg

Gradually, I discovered alternative means of expressing myself—through creation rather than words. When I got older, I started designing clothes that made me feel powerful and aimed to empower any woman wearing them, instilling in them a sense of confidence and fearlessness. 


With my mom's help, we made clothes that would speak for the women who wear them. Our goal was to inspire women of all ages to speak their minds, have confidence, and believe in themselves—things I had trouble with in the past. Our vision went deeper than just looks; it focused on the wisdom and life experiences that make a person.

charlie ak was created

Charlie AK is a brand dedicated to the art of crafting clothing that effortlessly combines style and edginess with an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. Our aim is to provide women with attire that not only exudes confidence but also empowers them to speak their minds without fear of misinterpretation.


At the heart of our mission is a desire to change the way we think about fashion. We want to understand why we pick the clothes we wear and how they affect the way we see ourselves and feel inside. Charlie AK strives to take us below the surface and inspire deeper thinking. We believe in doing this with a playful approach.

studiovega_220106_030 - kopia.jpg

For me, fashion is a medium for self-expression, where each garment possesses the power to transform how we feel in specific situations. It's crucial to invest in designs that lift our mood, making us eager to wear them repeatedly. We stand firmly against the allure of fast fashion, advocating for the preservation and reuse of the clothing we acquire. We encourage mixing and matching different pieces, wearing the same item on diverse occasions, and enjoying the confidence it brings.


Every Charlie AK garment is carefully designed to create a unique connection with the woman who wears it as if it were custom-crafted just for her. The clothing serves as a silent but powerful spokesperson, enabling her to express her true essence without the need for words.

powerful. playful. provocative.

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