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Welcome to our archive of articles. Read them to get inspired and to receive a better understanding of our design and sustainability choices. 

Explore interviews showcasing inspiring women with whom we've had the privilege of engaging in deeper conversations.

what's behind the price tag?


The price you pay when buying clothes is not only what you see on the price tag. It includes a process from designing and choosing materials, to producing, exporting, and selling. Even behind these steps, there is a lot going on that consumers might not know about when making their purchase.

the birth of charlie ak


I've never been someone obsessed with fashion; rather, I have always liked design and the beauty in things. Therefore, it is not so obvious to specify where and why we started Charlie AK. To truly understand its origins, we need to rewind about 20 years back in time.

are you color compatible? 


Did you know that the choice of colors can be a great way to create that little extra spark between you and the person you admire?

Conquering Summer Sweat


As summer arrives, the challenge of increased sweating and unwanted body odor becomes a concern. We will explore the fabrics that are best suited to combat summer sweat. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to the perfect fabrics that will keep you cool and odor-free all summer long.

natural materials tend to age better than synthetic


Have you ever wondered why your favorite cotton shirt or leather jacket seems to age so much better than your synthetic garments? It turns out that natural materials have unique properties that allow them to age gracefully and even improve in quality over time.

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