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how it all started

Crafting designs that tell their own unique story.
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When we started creating clothes, our focus wasn't so much on creating a collection but rather on crafting unique pieces. The goal was for each garment to be something you had never seen before, evoking a distinct feeling for the wearer. While the clothes were meant to stand out, it was crucial to maintain an element of elegance. There are many eccentric garments that are incredibly unusual, but personally, I would never wear them simply because they don't look good. We aimed to create clothes that make you stand out while still feeling stylish and confident.

Designing to Share Feelings: More Than Just clothes

Therefore, we placed great importance on striking a balance between boldness and elegance, a challenge that wasn't always easy to meet. When you put on one of our garments, the intention was for you to feel powerful; if that happened, we had achieved our goal. We wanted each piece to be special and tell its own story. We understand it might sound a bit abstract, but we believe that the value of a garment can be much greater than what is typically perceived today.

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Fashion Shows: enhancing the story

We initiated fashion shows to enhance the sense that each piece has its own story. The goal was to create fashion shows that differed from the usual conventional runway presentations where models follow a catwalk. Instead, we wanted something new, never seen before – fashion shows that heightened the emotions associated with each piece, creating a higher value for the garments. These shows were designed to offer a new perspective on what clothes are and what they can communicate.

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A Creative Struggle

But it wasn't always easy. I had a lot of disagreements, especially with my mom, because I wanted to try new things in sewing that didn't follow the usual rules. Even though these arguments were intense, they helped us improve how we create things. We made sure our designs stayed true to themselves while also bringing something new to the fashion world. In the mix of creativity, these tensions led to new ideas, and our journey kept going, with each piece of fabric telling its own story.

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the future

We continue to create bold clothing for fashion shows to build narratives and value, but nowadays, we also focus on crafting more subdued and practical pieces. Our primary goal remains to create clothes that evoke emotions in the wearer, making them feel stylish and confident. Therefore, we ensure to retain details and design with a touch of edge – something elegant and wearable, yet versatile enough for repeated use over an extended period.

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