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material information 

The Layer shorts

handmade in Sweden

The Layer Shorts are a pair of stylish and playful shorts that make the office look a little more fun. With the classic wool fabric in contrast to the vibrant forms of the design, this garment becomes a generic addition to your city look.


When you wear the Layer shorts you feel well-dressed. They are not like ordinary shorts, these pair breaths citylife. With their firm and confident design you can be sure that you are giving a sharp appearance.  


shapes and colors

The Charlie AK Layer Shorts come in grey.


Light Grey:

100% Wool

Dark Grey:

95% Wool 5% Cashmere


100% GOTS-certified cotton

Production country


Origin of material

The GOTS-certified cotton has its origin in Turkey.

more about cold wool

Cool Wool is a name used to describe lightweight wool. It has thermal-management properties and is naturally breathable. Cool Wool was manufactured so that wool could be used for garments all year round and still be elegant and functional.

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