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How to treat wool

Wool garments are renowned for their remarkable durability and resistance to wear and tear. However, failing to care for them properly poses a risk of premature damage and reduced longevity. This is often the case when we subject them to overly high washing temperatures, which can result in unwanted shrinking of the garment. I'm certain many of us have encountered this scenario at least once in our lives.

Odor-Resistant Properties
Washing Less: The Low Maintenance of Wool
if you have to wash the fabric...

Wool is a renewable source that decomposes naturally, reducing environmental impact when discarded. It is also easy to care for and has natural anti-bacterial properties that resist odor-causing bacteria, even after prolonged wear. 

Thanks to wool's inherent natural anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties, frequent washing of wool garments is unnecessary. If you notice a slight odor, simply let them air out for a while, and more often than not, they'll freshen up and feel almost new.

If, however, there is a stain or an odor that you can’t get rid of, read the instructions on the care label of that garment. Some garments may be machine washable, but either way make sure you wash it in cold water or 30°C, and use a detergent specifically for wool. we recommend dry cleaning the clothing when it has reached the condition that requires washing

so HOw should we treat our wool garments?
how to treat a simpler stain
air-dry it and fold it

The first rule is, to treat them less! Often we overwash them and by doing this we actually tear the fabric.  Let the garments breathe instead! The fibers in wool need time to recover and return to their original shape after being worn during the day, so it is important to let the garment rest between wears. 

Occasionally, accidents happen, and you're left with a stubborn stain that simply won't disappear through airing alone. In such cases, for simpler stains, you can attempt to rescue the garment by spot-treating it with a suitable solution tailored to that specific type of stain. After the treatment, allow the garment to air dry.

The best way to dry a wool garment is to air dry it and lay it flat on a towel, to ensure its shape. When a wool garment has rested after being worn, or has been dried after being washed - it is ready to be folded and stored flat in your wardrobe. 

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